Passion: The Empty Grave

Down in the valley when waters rise
I’m still believing hope is alive
All through the struggle and darkest day
I’ll remember the empty grave

One of my favorite songs from Passion 2016 was Remember performed by the Passion band and featuring Brett Younker, which surprisingly enough, is the son of my small group leader. So I guess you could say I sort of know someone famous 🙂

I think this song is perfect for Easter. The chorus above captures, very simply and very powerfully, a large aspect of the core of Christian faith. That the empty grave is what gives us hope and strength for our lives.

The song isn’t all about remembering the empty grave in hardships though. It goes on to say,

Hallelujah death is done
All of hell is overcome
Jesus You are alive

This is my favorite part of the song. I really want to live everyday with words like this in my heart. Too often we get caught up in day to day stuff and we don’t live like we have this incredible picture of a loving sacrifice that was endured for us. I hope to change that in my life as much as possible and start living everyday like it was Easter.

This is something to celebrate! That we have a living God who loves us immeasurably more than we could possibly imagine! As I sit here in Starbucks writing this and preparing for church, I’m listening to this song (on repeat), and I just find it incredibly uplifting. I hope that you are encouraged this morning as you go off to your Easter services and family gatherings, and you should check out this song and others on the Passion 2016 album if you are looking for some new praise songs.

Happy Easter Everybody!

This is a part of the Passion mini series. To see the other posts, click here.


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